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Mifex Marketing Business Solutions -

Transforming Your Business Success

In today's competitive business landscape, success isn't solely about having great ideas, strategies, and concepts. It's also about having the right tools and resources at your disposal. Your ability to compete and perform is only as strong as the weakest link in your business chain.

That's why big, successful companies invest in expensive consulting firms to custom-make the best tools, processes, and systems to maintain their competitive edge.

But here's the game-changer – Mifex Marketing Business Solutions. We bring the competitive advantage of big players within reach of small and medium-sized businesses.

Mifex represents a powerful union of know-how, best practices, sustained methodologies, optimised processes, efficient tools, and cutting-edge software, all bundled into a turn-key solution designed to elevate your business.

Don't just compete – excel.

With Mifex Marketing Business Solutions, your business can achieve the same vigor and efficiency as the largest corpo-rations. It's time to make it happen with Mifex!

Mifex strengthens and expands your business's performa-nce, ensuring the swift and successful execution of your concepts and campaigns. "Mifex Marketing Business Solutions" empowers your business when you need it most. We provide a unique and cost-effective blend of standby marketing experts, a multilingual team, and a complete software environment available 24/7.

Our offering complements your existing capabilities, allowing you to achieve more with less.

Our experienced team covers a wide range of industries, and we believe in the power of video marketing to connect with your audience, enhance brand recognition, build customer loyalty, and drive sales growth. We've been at the forefront of video marketing since 2003, serving global B2B markets.

Contact Mifex Marketing Business Solutions today and let us be the catalyst for your business's success. Our holistic approach combines strategy, concept, and implementation, all tailored to your unique needs. We understand the dynamics of different markets and target groups, and we are committed to enhancing your brand's online visibility, audience engagement, and business growth through our proven solutions.

Marketing INNOVAtIONs

Our Marketing Focus Areas

“Marketing Business Solution”

We strengthen & expand your performance – just when you need it – enabling the swift and successful creation, organisation and execution or your concepts and campaigns whilst supplementing your own capacities by providing a specific smart & cost-effective combination of Standby-Marketing-Experts. a multilingual Team and a complete Software environment as 24/7 Shared Service.

“Sales & Value Marketing Strategy”

We create, review and optimise your Sales & Marketing Strategy for Product Launch, Relaunch, Internationalisation as well as customer Relationship and stakeholder Management

“Video & Media Marketing”

We review, optimise and leverage your content to create integrated and highly effective Media & Video Marketing Concepts from Strategy to Storyboarding, iMedia, Audio & Video Marketing creation through to Post Production and publication in our dedicated studios.

“Managed Services”

24/7 Executive Support for Marketing, AI Tool Develop-ment & Chatbot Training as well as Lead Conversion that holisti-cally provides managed services such as 'Presentations & Explainers', 'AI Tools' and 'Campaign Management', including Regionalisation and Translations.

“Cross Border Marketing”

Authentic and highly effective transformation of success recipes and marketing concepts in the language of your choice from one culture into another so that foreign products and services are perfectly adapted to target markets and are not lost in translation or culture.

“AI Solutions for Media, Marketing & Sales”

We guide you through the jungle of AI Concepts, Solutions, Tools and Integration and assist you in adopting & leveraging suitable AI solutions whilst providing AI solution development services, hosting, training, and support.

“Mifex Academy”

Mifex Academy provides short courses and workshops based on real-life case studies, holistically designed to improve individual and team skill sets and performance, enabling you to better manage and implement Product Development, AI Solutions, Marketing & Sales projects to ultimately achieve better results faster.

iMedia Solutions

Active Media wins more profitable business !

Mifex iMedia offers a comprehensive suite of video marketing solutions, meticulously designed to enhance your online presence and engage your target audience with precision.

We understand the pivotal role of captivating content that resonates with your desired demographic, which is why we provide an end-to-end production service. From initial concept and scriptwriting to the final stages of shooting, editing, graphics, soundtrack creation, voice-overs, and regionalization, we offer a seamless journey to bring your vision to life in alignment with your business objectives.

Mifex iMedia is uniquely equipped with video & post-production capabilities, encompassing dubbing, overdubbing, and cutting-edge AI Video Tools. This enables our to offer budget-friendly solutions, even for clients with more modest financial resources.

Our range of services ensures a dynamic and impactful presence across various platforms, resonating with your audience and driving your brand's success.

  • Craft compelling Promotional and Corporate Videos, fostering trust through Customer Testimonials and showcasing success in Case Studies.
  • Engage diverse audiences with video podcasts, YouTube Shorts, and Explainer Videos.
  • Educate through Training Videos and document events with Event Coverage.
  • Tailor content for social media ads and email campaigns.
  • Enhance community engagement, manage reputation, and establish brand identity with Interactive Videos, Sizzle Reels, Behind-the-Scenes, and Branding Videos.

If it‘s worth saying – it is worth portraying !

Our experienced team spans diverse industries - telecom, IT, public sector, education, finance, utilities, logistics, manufac-turing & services. We're firm believers in video marketing's power for audience connection, brand recognition,

customer loyalty, and sales growth. Our expertise &

facilities create high-quality videos.

Whether launching a business, new product, or

boosting your marketing, video marketing can

transform your journey. Contact us to explore

our services and be the catalyst for your suc-

cess. Our holistic approach combines strategy,

concept & implementation, tailored to your needs.

Pioneering video marketing since 2003, we serve global B2B markets.

With a deep understanding of verticals, target groups, and market dynamics, we navigate changing landscapes. At Mifex iMedia, we're committed to enhancing your brand's online visibility, audience engagement, and business growth through video marketing.


Mifex Research – here the future of AI in business isn't just imagined; it's actively promoted.

We pioneer research in AI innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions and recycle studies for innovative AI services. We provide on-the-go GPT-Apps and strategic insights to transform business processes and strategies. Excelling in identifying AI technology trends, we facilitate strategic business integration and automate processes to deliver sustainable competitive advantages and operational excellence for forward-thinking businesses

Mifex Triple Play Services – Our cost effective & multilingual 24/7 Executive Support

We take on the most labour–intensive tasks of marketing & lead conversion using the three synergetic and combinable managed marketing modules "AI Tool & Chatbot Service", "Presentations & Webinars" as well as "Marketing Commu-nications & Campaign Management", including Translation & Regionalisation for Cross-Border Marketing, Video Marketing, AI-powered Marketing, Media Production, AI Tool Development, Sales Optimisation & Managed Marketing Services

Don't just compete – excel.

With Mifex Marketing Business Solutions, your business can achieve the same vigor and efficiency as the largest corporations. It's time to make it happen with Mifex!

"Mifex Marketing Business Solutions" empowers your business when you need it most. We provide a unique and cost-effective blend of standby marketing experts, a multilingual team, and a complete software environment available 24/7.

Presentations, Webcast, Webinar & Online Training

AI Tool und Chatbot development, training and Support also available as a fully managed service.

Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through this dynamic terrain, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance existing AI solutions. We provide end-to-end services, including the design, development, and deployment of cutting-edge AI tools and chatbots, along with personalised training to empower your team.

Presentations, Webcast, Webinar & Online Training

Regardless of the format and language, we harmonise and structure your presentations to create interesting, targeted, high-quality and compelling presentations in your desired online or offline formats and in the langua-ges of your choice. If needed, our experts create inter-active graphs, visualisations & tables or simulators.

You simply turn up to present your content at the Webinar – we take care of the rest! We also provide information on who has asked which questions, the answers given, and provide and set up all the technology including Teleprompter.

Even the setting of your presentations in our dedicated studios using voice over is one of our specialities and allows you to present your presentation in any language as well as deliver as an iCast or Webcast.




Mifex Research

– The Future Secured –

At Mifex, we have cultivated a legacy of excellence throughout our tenure among the elite in Strategy Consulting, IT Solutions, and Business Consulting, maintaining a consistent position in the top 10.

Our evolution has propelled us to the forefront of AI Solutions and Services innovation. We stand not merely as participants but as leaders in the AI revolution, actively shaping the integration of AI. Our commitment is demonstrated through our proactive efforts to influence outcomes, set trends, and tackle challenges head-on. Mifex Research is a pivotal pillar of success, playing a critical role in the achievements of Mifex, its partners, and customers.

With Mifex Research, you're not just adapting to the future; our upcycling and bespoke research ables you to actively shaping it with placing the most innovative AI-based solutions at your fingertips.

Mifex Research Services

AI Technologies & Trends Research:

Insightful analysis and forecasts on AI developments.

Business Strategy & Innovation Research:

Strategies for integrating AI into business models for competitive advantage.

AI Integration for Automation Research:

Solutions for automating business processes through AI, including GPT-solutions.

Research Study Recycling & Upcycling:

By revisiting and revitalising existing research, we unlock new potentials in AI technologies, ensuring that every insight contributes to groundbreaking advancements.

Development of omnipresent Research AI Apps/GPTs:

Accessibility to real-time insights, enhances decision-making, promotes seamless integration across platforms, and fosters innovation, driving efficiency and competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our value proposition centers on pioneering the future of AI-based innovations through the unique approach of Research Study Recycling.

By revisiting, revitalising, refocussing and thus upcycling your existing research, we unlock additional potentials in AI technologies, ensuring that every insight contributes to groundbreaking advancements, whilst securing and future proofing your previous research investments.

This strategy not only accelerates your pace of innovation but also enhances the depth and applicability of AI solutions across industries.

Our commitment to recycling and upcycling studies ensures that we continuously build upon the foundation of leading edge knowledge, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities and offering our clients cutting-edge, sustainable solutions that lead their way into strategic AI supported business integration, process automation, and operational excellence.

Innovative Skills & Methodologies

Marketing, Sales, Business and Project Management capabilities are at the top of the agenda for most organisations as they strive to enhance competitive performance in hard market conditions. For this purpose, we have built a simple 3-fold process that consists of 3 alternative training options:

  • Novice: For those new to the subject, providing practical skills for effective delivery.
  • Advanced: For practitioners and managers with basic knowledge.
  • Senior Pro: For experienced individuals with high responsibility.

Any of our courses can be delivered ‘Off the shelf’ to individuals and teams, ‘Tailor-made’ to include your requirements or ‘Bespoke’ as modules that are developed collaboratively to deliver a programme that focuses specifically on your individual targets.

Mifex Training Modules

Marketing Strategy

Creation of a clear strategic framework that sharpens a proposition‘s competitive advantage based on suitable stakeholder value drivers with subsequent implementation of the strategy by utilising best in class processes and tool sets to achieve the defined strategic goals via efficient tactical initiatives.

Value Proposition Development

Turn features into tangible customer benefits that articulate compelling Value Propositions tailored towards specific offerings and target group needs to ultimately improve competitiveness, sales, revenues, profits and customer retention.

Stakeholder Management

Increase customer value through relation-

ship marketing underpinned by a specifically

developed marketing philosophy that boosts

your future career development by outper-

forming your objectives through more effective

key stakeholder relationships.

Lead & Proposal Strategy

Win more business, win more often and increase the value of each win by applying a systematic methodology that is proven to increase win rates and deal sizes that can be tailored to your organisation. Learn the secrets of a great proposal and master the steps of a tried, tested and proven customer and competition-focused process.

Project Management

Recognise and execute the steps required for a success-ful project by determining the expectations & ultimate results of the project. Analyse the project influencing factors and master the project life cycle from its definition to the ultimate successful project closeout.

Video Strategy & Video Marketing

Create a solid and profitable Video Marketing strategy, in a professional Studio environment. Learn to master the success factors from discovery survey and stakeholder buy-in to script writing, story boarding and production followed by a video analysis of your achievements.

AI Solutions

Gain a deep understanding of AI technologies and their applications in media, marketing, and sales. Enable data-driven decisions and progress innovation during a trans-formative journey whilst elevating careers and reshaping your future business performance by establishing a pivotal role for AI empowered processes.

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